Replacement Bar Tips

GEM replacement tips are made from premium hard plate with a unique hard metal composition, the material is not heat treated.  Other bar tips use heat treated plate with the edges separately heat treated to make the edges of the tip harder.  By using metal that is hard by composition and the same hardness throughout, we are able to eliminate chipping and prevent cracking.  This uniform metal composition allows the tips to also have a high degree of spring back and bend force resistance.

The tips are held together with special alloy rivets that improve the tip's strength and increases the run time of the tip.   The tips are designed and checked to have uniformity across the inner tip assembly for longer wear life.  This solid construction design puts less stress on the rivets and increases the wear life.

In House Part Manufacturing

The tips are completely manufactured and assembled in our facility for consistent quality and durability.  A stringent quality control process is in place throughout manufacturing and assembly.

GEM Replaceable Sprocket Tips have been in use for over 28 years.  Ongoing field research, innovative design development and a commitment to customer satisfaction has established GEM as a world leading manufacturer of replaceable tips.

GEM Harvester Bar Tips are:
  • Made From Premium Materials
  • Designed for Longer Wear Life
  • Field Tested for Improvements