3/4" Pitch Harvester Bars

Gem harvester bars are made from ballistic grade steel that is precision cut using a water jet process that leaves no heat affected zone nor does it cause mechanical stress to the steel.  Gem manufactures the only bars made from the strongest steel used in the mechanical harvester industry.  This steel gives our customers the advantages of a high degree of spring back and a high degree of bend force resistance.

Gem bars are precision machined through robotic manufacturing and laser probe verified for the most consistent, highest quality.  The bars are designed with wide oil wells for increased lubrication and extended wear life.  The rail grooves are precisely and deeply machined to extend wear life.

The rails on GEM harvester bars are not tempered like other bars; because the material is already strong and doesn't need to be tempered.  We start with a stronger steel material because it significantly reduces flexing and prevents cracking. When bar rails are tempered, the tempering process creates a different hardness between the rails and the main body of the bar.  Because we do not need to temper our rails, we are able to keep a uniform metal hardness throughout the entire bar. GEM bars have a longer wear life, consistent strength and bend force resistance.

From start to finish, GEM harvester bars are made in the USA at our Grangeville, ID facility.

GEM Chain Bar was one of the first manufacturers of the 3/8" thick harvester bar, leading the way in developing the current industry standard for 3/4 pitch bars.  GEM continues to meet the changing needs of today's high output mechanical harvesting machines through:

  • Extensive Field Testing
  • Stringent, Multi-Stage Quality Control
  • Technologically Advanced Manufacturing Methods

As the mechanical harvester industry continues to grow and develop, GEM continues to add to its extensive product lines while still offering many products discontinued by other manufacturers:

  • GEM manufactures 200+ standard bar models

GEM Harvester Bars Are:

    • Made from Premium Grade Materials
    •  Precision Cut
    • Precision Machined
    • Made in the USA
Gem Chain Bar offers over 30 standard 3/4 pitch mounts including:

  • CSI
  • CTR
  • Donaldson
  • Fabteck
  • Hultdins
  • Keto
  • Logmax
  • Multitek
  • Pierce Pacific
  • Ponsse
  • Pro Pac
  • Quadco
  • Rolly/Risley
  • R Squared
  • Ryan's Equipment
  • Satco
  • Southstar
  • Timbco
  • Timber Pro
  • Timberline
  • Trinder
  • Universal Fit
  • Waratah
  • Yutzy

See the full line of mounts in our online catalog - 3/4 Bar Mounts