GEM Drive Sprockets

The ORIGINAL manufacturer of 3/4" pitch rim style drive sprockets, Gem Chain Bar "blazed the trail" to create innovative sprockets for the mechanical harvester industry utilizing:

  • Over 25 years of field testing by select, experienced logging companies
  • Premium solid steel material
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Precision heat treatment

GEM continues to lead the global harvester sprocket industry with its unique design features:

  • 3/4 Pitch - Raised Tooth
  • 3/4 Pitch & .404 - Tapered Cleanouts

These unique design features create benefits for the mechanical harvesting process:

  • Improved Cleaning and Cooling
  • Less Chain Stress and Stretch
  • Longer Wear Life

GEM sprockets are available in both 3/4 pitch and .404.  With no pins to change, no loose side plates, the drive rim style sprockets will give you less down time.  GEM sprockets are the longest lasting, lowest maintenance sprockets available.

See our online catalog for GEM Drive Sprocket Productsa full line of standard and specialized sprockets.

Increased Run Time

Long Term Durability
Consistent Productivity

GEM's advanced robotic manufacturing techniques create precision parts from solid premium materials.

The GEM Sprocket Advantage