Careers at Gem Chain Bar

We're currently hiring for a CNC Machine Operator and a Metal Product Finisher.
Resumes and applications can be delivered on-site or by email to
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Metal Product Finisher Position

We are looking to fill a Metal Product Finisher position working Monday-Friday 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Metal finishing experience is preferred but not required, training is provided. Pay depends on experience and includes Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, and Retirement Benefits.

Please apply in person to Gem Chain Bar, 93 Hwy 95 N, Grangeville, ID 83530. Applications are available online at or at the front office.
Product Finishers will be trained to perform final finishing on metal products using hand tools, power tools and knowledge of metal finishing techniques. Responsibilities include:
Metal preparation work such as sanding, sand blasting, grinding, drilling, grooving, edging and other operations to bring parts into tolerance and prepare for coating.
Perform production spray powder painting or dip operations involving liquid anti-rust of metal products requiring finishes.
Assemble final products by riveting pieces together to meet with specified tolerances.
Weld pieces into final products, weld parts to finish product.
Measure parts for quality based on quality management procedures and requirements.
Log production parts and processes into quality and inventory control systems.


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CNC Machine Operator Position

We are looking to fill a CNC Operator Position working Tuesday-Friday 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. Experience is preferred but training is available. Pay depends on experience and includes Health Insurance, Paid Vacation and Retirement Benefits.

You can apply in person or email your resume or application. Applications are available at or at the office: 93 Hwy 95 N, Grangeville, ID 83530. Please message us for more details.

CNC Operators will use computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery safely and accurately to perform a variety of functions. Responsibilities include:
Preparing and operating CNC machines to perform milling and turning operations.
Prepare and load raw materials and parts onto the machines.
Prepare a test run to check if the machine produces the output according to specifications.
Set machines to complete full cycles to fabricate large numbers of parts.
Supervise the machines while they execute the tasks and make any necessary adjustments to produce a better result.
Inspect and measure finished products and compare them with requirements to determine if the process has been completed properly.
Check and maintain machinery daily to ensure functionality.
Log production parts and processes into quality and inventory control systems.


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Check out this video from our collaboration with Idaho PTECH and NIMM showing today's youth what careers in our industry are like.  It is a good illustration from three companies, Gem Chain Bar, Clearwater Hydraulics and Hillco Technologies, showing the different types of jobs and skills that can be learned in metal manufacturing and how they are relevant across many different industries.

Gem Chain Bar offers career opportunities in manufacturing that include training programs, health benefits, vacation pay and competitive wages.  As a growing company dedicated to quality and precision manufacturing, GEM has recently developed a National Registered Apprenticeship Program.  This program allows GEM employees to become a Journeyworker CNC Operator - Milling and Turning.

The apprenticeship program is registered with the US Department of Labor and certified by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).  Apprentices are employed and trained at GEM Chain Bar utilizing the NIMS curriculum Precision Machining Technology.  Once training is completed, the CNC Operator Journeyworker status is nationally recorded with the US Department of Labor.

Still in High School?  GEM currently has a School To Registered Apprenticeship Program agreement with Grangeville High School.  Students, who are 16 years of age or older, are encouraged to submit an application to GEM.  If you or your school is interested in our training program or employment, please contact our Apprenticeship Coordinator - Melisa Kaschmitter at (208) 983-0203 or

Advanced, Precision CNC & Robotic Machining

National Registered Apprenticeship Program

CNC Operator – Milling and Turning

Training Certified by:
National Institute of Metalworking Skills

Accredited & Nationally Recognized by:
US Department of Labor

Classroom, Hands-on, Online Training:
Precision Machining Technology Course

On-the-Job Training:
Employment at Gem Chain Bar

Nationally Recognized:
Journeyworker CNC Operator