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Gem Chain Bar was established in 1989 in Kooskia, ID by former loggers who envisioned products that would make timber harvesting more efficient.  Understanding how expensive down time is, we continually strive to increase product quality, performance and durability for the end user depending on it.

In 2005, GEM began incorporating new technology into our manufacturing process and moved our shop to a larger facility in Grangeville, ID. We utilize automation and robotics to continually increase production capacity, quality and consistency. GEM is focused on a future that employs technology, innovation and extensive field testing to manufacture Made in the USA products that continue to lead the harvester industry.

GEM manufactures harvester products for companies around the world. Creating an effective, efficient and high-quality product is critical for our success and the success of our customers. At the end of every cutting system is the sprocket, chain and bar. Increased profitability for our customers comes through ensuring longer, higher quality run times before changing those products.  Gem employs both technology and field testing to create products that not only appeal to engineering but perform and last for the skilled worker in the field.

GEM’s stringent Quality Control Management System is designed to meet customer requirements and strives to exceed customer expectations. Premium raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers with industry recognized certifications for performance and chemical composition. GEM products are quality checked multiple times during each step of the manufacturing process including machine laser probes, repeat bench specification testing, visual inspections, and thorough performance testing. The GEM Quality Control Team includes design staff, quality control technicians and senior management to insure quality remains both customer and performance focused.

While GEM continually strives to increase quality and performance, we also utilize
technology to constantly increase capacity and reduce turn times. Nothing brings an operation to a halt faster than not being able to get the product you need. GEM works closely with our customers to keep them supplied with products that get them up and running quickly and keep them running profitably. GEM consistently provides products on time, at the highest quality and for a competitive price.

GEM provides our global customers with an extensive harvester line-up including harvester bars, replacement tips, sprockets, chain, and chain loops.