3/4" Pitch Harvester Bars & Tips

Gem Chain Bar was one of the first manufacturers of the 3/8" thick harvester bars, leading the way in developing the current industry standard for 3/4 pitch bars.
  Gem Chain Bar continues to meet the changing needs of today's high output mechanical harvesting machines through:

  • Extensive Field Testing
  • Stringent, Multi-Stage Quality Control
  • Technologically Advanced Manufacturing Methods

As the mechanical harvester industry continues to grow and develop, GEM continues to add to its extensive product lines while continuing to offer many products discontinued by other manufacturers:

  • GEM Manufactures over 125 standard bar models
  • GEM offers custom bar manufacturing services to create solutions for your unique production needs

GEM Harvester Bars Are:

    • Made from Premium Grade Materials
    • Precision Cut
    • Precision Machined
  • Made in the USA

    Gem Chain Bar offers over 25 standard 3/4 pitch mounts including:

    • CTR
    • Fabteck
    • Hultdins
    • Keto
    • Logmax
    • Makeri
    • Multi Tec
    • Pierce Pacific
    • Pro Pac
    • Rolly/Risley
    • Satco
    • Southstar
    • Timbco
    • Timber Pro
    • Timberline
    • Trinder
    • Waratah
    • Wood Processor

    See the full line of mounts in our online catalog - 3/4 Bar Mounts

    3/4 Pitch Replaceable Sprocket Tips

    GEM Replaceable Sprocket Tips have been in use for over 22 years.  Ongoing field research, innovative design development and a commitment to customer satisfaction has established GEM as a world leading manufacturer of replaceable tips.

    GEM Harvester Bar Sprocket Tips are:
    • Replaceable
    • Made From Premium Materials
    • Designed for A Longer Wear Life
    • Field Tested for Improvements